Decorating Your Home Study For Maximum Efficiency

Decorating Your Home Study For

Maximum Efficiency

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Decorating your home study starts with considering what the multiple functions will be within the space. Your floor plan will include ergonomic design, or how well the space is designed around you, with everything being nearby so that you can function efficiently in the space.


When the user is comfortable in his or her space, productivity and efficiency increases dramatically. So there is a lot to be said about ergonomic design.

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So why not use that very same concept in your home study?


First start with the home study basics which include your choice of study furniture, study equipment like computers, file cabinets, printers, phones, scanners and lastly consider ample storage space. Ask yourself what are the functions that will be performed every day, such as computer input, paying bills, writing letters, conference calling, eating areas, and TV viewing areas, etc.

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Also consider office supplies that will be needed such as computer paper, pens, wall boards, and home office décor like pictures, flowers and plants.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on cabinets for storage space. Organize boxes and baskets with labels for easy access.


Lighting is a very important element of office design. When planning for home office lighting, you should decide first, how the space is used because lighting can be both functional and aesthetical. Determine if your lighting will be used as general, task or accent lighting.

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General Lighting is overall lighting in an entire space and used for visibility and safety.


Task Lighting is for specific work spaces directed down on a specific task. These tasks include reading, studying, working at the computer, paying bills, drafting, etc.


Accent Lighting focuses on specific art objects, areas, or paintings on the wall.

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You’ll also need to consider light bulbs which are categorized as:


– Incandescent: Warm, white light used in most homes today. Not as energy-efficient as fluorescent or halogen bulbs.


– Halogen: Brilliant, white light and longer lasting than incandescent bulbs and best suitable for tasks.

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– Fluorescent: Energy-efficient and least expensive by using only 20 to 35 percent as much electricity as incandescent bulbs, and last up to 20 times longer.


– CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp): Best energy-efficient bulb. These bulbs uses between 66 to 80 percent less electricity than incandescent bulbs.


Rule of thumb: Give adequate lighting to your home office and leave no dark places.

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Traditionally desks are placed centrally in the room facing the entry door. Whether this works in your space is for you to decide, considering the overall square footage. Behind the desk and parallel is the credenza, which gives you extra work space and storage underneath.


If the central placement of the desk does not adequately work in your space, another option is the popular L-arrangement. This forms two work surfaces: one for the main desk area and the other as a work surface for the computer and printer. Also consider muted color schemes that reduce tension and stress in the work space, which in turn increases productivity.

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As you see there are many elements of design to consider in decorating and designing your home study. Planning and preparation is key. Remember to always measure your space before buying the furniture and then just have fun with your selections.


Soon you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your home study design from the seeds that you have planted.


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