10 Awesome Home Study Designs


10 Awesome Home Study Designs

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With the growing advancement of internet technology, concept of earning money while working from home is gaining vast popularity. The idea of sitting in a cozy corner of house, without being bound to working hours, seems to fascinate everyone (including me).

Popular Office Designs

However, working from home does not mean you can occupy any corner of your house, place your system and start working. Careful planning is the key to have a flexible, efficient and multipurpose setup, so you can work with full productivity. You need to analyze some aspects to design a perfect home study for your self, as I bring few of them to light.


If you are sharing your work space with other family members, keep their requirements in your mind as well.

Popular Office Designs

Purchase the right chair, so you don’t get tired quickly


Look for the corner of house, where you can maintain your privacy.


Arrange your work area in “L” shape so everything is within your reach


Install right lighting.

Popular Office Designs

Have sufficient storing shelves or big drawers in your work space, so all the important task is reachable for you


Hang a blackboard or soft board within your reach to jot down important tasks of the day

Have a steady desk with number of drawers.


Get all the wiring and power cords sealed in a neat way, so your office doesn’t look untidy.


Have other things of your interest around, e.g. games, magazines, to comfort yourself when stressed out.

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Maybe, you must be feeling as if I am restricting you to definite rules for designing a home study but trust me if you follow these guidelines you will definitely enjoy sitting and working in your home study.


I bring you few intelligent examples of modern home offices – some good, some bad, some cluttered and hope they prove to be helpful to design your home office – http://www.homebusinesseye.com/home-office-designs/




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