Popular Office Designs That Work!


Popular Office Designs
Popular office designs are designs that are functional and inspirational. Bringing functionality, style and your own personality can lift your productivity and mood.


So how can you have the work environment that inspires you? Below are some tips on how to create the space you desire.

Popular Office Designs

What’s your budget?
How much do you have to spend on your office needs? Your office can be built over a period of time with you adding additional office furniture as the funds become available.


Office furniture
What furniture do you need and want in your office? The obvious is a desk and chair but what else do you need? Filing cabinets, lighting, additional chairs and table or lounge area which lets you see clients or conduct work away from your screen. This gives your office a flow of movement and variation when you can conduct work in different areas. If you find yourself at your desk for long periods why not invest in an adjustable desk that can be raised so part of your working day can be conducted while standing.

Popular Office Designs

Signature piece
Do you have a particular piece of furniture or artwork that you would like to build your office around? If you do you can then work backwards from this piece and plan your color scheme, textures and style of office that would complement that signature piece.

Popular Office Designs

Office style
Which style of office suits your home and personality? Would you like it to be professional and conservative, creative and artistic or simply reflect your personality through color choices and artwork?


Office color
Do you want your office to be a calming environment then you would use muted tones. If you would like your office to bring out your artistic side then bright bold colors with art designs on the wall would be a better choice. If you have artwork that you would like to hang in your office keep this also in mind when choosing your wall color.

Layer with textures
Mix it up with different textures and colors in your office to create a more varied, inspiring and personalized work environment.


Bring the outdoors in
The latest trends in popular office designs is to bring nature into your office either it be natural wood, flora patterns in artwork and fabrics or bringing living plants into your office – why not have a living wall in your office?

Popular Office Designs

What kind of flooring do you want? If you need an office which will also be a creative space for artwork than a hard floor surface would be needed for ease of cleaning. Popular office designs generally involve a carpeted or timber floor.


Office flexibility
If you tend to get bored easily with your office environment try modular office furniture that can be moved around to create a different feel and keep your office exciting for you.

Popular Office Designs

Office aesthetics
Only display the absolute office essentials – anything else should be hidden including office wires and cables. Not only will this create a visually more appealing office but also prevents tripping incidents.


Office size
Know the size of your space. Once you know your measurements you can then start planning where all your office furniture and equipment can go.

Plan your walls
Once you’ve organized your furniture does it work in with your plans for your walls. Do you want a whiteboard above your desk, if yes, is there enough space? Do you need shelving or wall cabinets?


How will it be ventilated? Is there enough natural air flow or do you need an air conditioning unit?

Popular Office Designs

What kind of office lighting do you want? Do you want it to be right so you can do artistic work, an even light across the whole office or spot lighting over different areas.


Floor plan
Create your floor plan including your walls. Find out the exact measurements of your furniture and equipment and start planning where you would

Popular Office Designs

like them to go. Remember you need space for easy movement. Keep in mind window positioning, air flow and sunlight exposure.


Need help?
If you’re having trouble visualizing your completed office go online and try a design software. They can help you with floor planning from basic plans through to 2D and 3D creations.


Author:  Diane Klem-Goode



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